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Market "Experience Europe"



Market place of concepts and initiatives “Experience Europe”

Saturday, 22nd of September, 2012; time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Market stalls are spread throughout the whole location of Langenegg. The market stalls are sheltered and arranged like many single small villages in one village. The goal is to make guests able to experience Europe. Like a volume of photographs of Europe, a coherent presentation with extensive appearances of the participating villages will open up to the guests. The market stalls at the different market places will offer information as well as culinary and cultural features. Moderated tours through the different villages will take place repeatedly. Hereby, people in positions of responsibility, which means both European, national or regional politicians and people who hold office in positions responsible for the programme, are also lead to the different initiatives.

The goal is to create plenty of room for dialogue. Communities wooing for the award, participating LEADER-regions, actors of the communities and local citizens are supposed to exchange ideas and experiences. Mutual learning, informing, the collection of ideas, mutual motivation and the initiation of cooperation are on the fore. For the participating actors from politics and professional organizations, the event serves as a feedback from the basis. The dialogue with the actors of different projects has a priority here, too.  It enables a deeper insight into their local work. The event is supposed to mobilize emotionally, make citizens becoming actors and to encourage the actors in their operations.

Cultur programme on the stage

09:30 Uhr 
Folkloregruppe Oravska Lesna, Slowakei
10:30 Uhr 
Volksmusikgruppe „Jaskier“, aus Jaszkowa Górna, Polen
11:30 Uhr 
Folkloregruppe „Podsable“ und Blaskapelle „Komnané“ aus Komňa, Tschechien
12:30 Uhr
Singkreis 3 Täler, Weissensee, Kärnten/Österreich
13:30 Uhr 
Brassquintett Allhartsberg, Niederösterreich/Österreich
14:00 Uhr 
Gemeinschaftstanz Dorferneuerungsteilnehmer
15:30 Uhr 
Volksmusiktrio aus dem Westallgäu, Deutschland

Next to the stage programme you can experience cultural performances on various loctaions at the market.


Exhibitors at the Market "Experience Europe"


Tent 1
Tent 2
Tent 3
Tent 4
Tent 5
Tent 6
Tent 7
Tent 8
Tent 9